3D Visualisation

Ekströms – a brand by Orkla Foods – has offered a wide range of desserts and snacks in Sweden since 1848. Their products are varied in size and shapethatrequire to have a standard for displaying on their website. Our solution for this problem is to create 3D models and apply different package design for each product. As a result, all images are created at the same quality, style and lighting. They are ready for processing before being uploaded on the site. In this case, our method is more convenient in comparison with product photography in terms of accuracy, consistencyand time saving. Our client just need to provide the flat package designs and then they receive ready-to-use realistic product photos.

We have used 3D modeling for many other brands of Orkla Foods including Abba, Abba Middagsklart, Felix, Frödinge, Grandiosa, BOB and JOKK.

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