Brand identity

The Yuthfarm brand is created from the heart of those who want to improve the quality and diversification of Vietnamese agricultural products. The members of Yuthfarm are genuinely farmers who always care about Vietnamese traditional agricultural industry. Alongside, they are mostly passionate with the new technology, new approach from other advanced countries. Yuthfarm products’ quality derives from a well-controlled manufacturing process from the seeding, harvest and processing stage (freezed-dried, soft-dried, etc…) under the European quality control procedure.

Considering all the above advantages, the products of Yuthfarm are welcomed at both the domestic and oversea market, showcasing not only the natural taste, rich nutrition but also the humanised story behind each product.

Since the brand’s slogan is “bring you the fruits of the pure heart”, we used the image of two leaves to form the shape of reaching hands, like the sincerity that Yuthfarm put in each product.

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